End user

A platform to manage, broadcast and control your PPE selection
Increase autonomy of your safety men
  • Your PPE selection is broadcastable and understood by all.
  • Your end-users build themselves dedicated catalogs to meet safety standards and corporate PPE selection.
  • You easily manage your test campaign and collect feedbacks from designated testers.
Face your employer liability and increase end-user collaboration
  • Your PPE instructions are clear, available and customizable for each worker.
  • Your end-user team or workers have access to selection guide which take into account your referencing, your instructions, your workplaces, organisation and workshops.
  • Your users can express their uncovered needs and send feedbacks for a continuous safety process improvement in your company.
Market monitoring
  • Analyze your buying statistics and compiled in a unique report even in case of a multi-distributor sourcing.
  • Our platform follows your PPE life cycle : uncovered needs expressions, ppe selections, tests, assessments, product referencing and broadcasting.