Manufacturer pricing

Take control of your product data and broadcast your expertise

Annual prices, to be paid in advance. Annual pricing makes you save 2 months compared to quaterly pricing !

Free Benefit from your expertise to make your range understandable to everyone
  • Share, control and certify product data on our platform
  • Broadcast your products and expertise on our platform
  • Audit your website's content
  • Create a public website to help your customers find the adequate product in your range
5K€ Use the recommandation tool on your website.
  • Take control of the official recommandation tool for your range
  • Integrate this advanced search tool into your website
  • White label (stylesheets, pictograms, logos)
5K€ Create a private space on your website to exchange with your customers
  • Create custom catalogs representing their selections
  • Propose alternatives in your own brand to any product on the market
  • Store and push commercial offers
  • Self-service download of your product data for your customers
10K€ Use your PIM for your products
  • Illimited creation of products properties
  • Handeling of translations
  • Assets management (pictures, technical sheets..)
  • PDF product sheet generation
  • Data export to other information systems (ERP, webshop, CRM, website, customer formats...)

Make your marketing and sales team collaborate and improve their productivity

Define your
product perimeter

Choose your licenses
1K€ / 100 products
  • or
  • 20K€ / 5000+ hand
  • or
  • 20K€ / 5000+ foot
  • or
  • 30K€ hand + foot
    +1K€ / 1 Power User Give your power users the ability to organise and explore the data they need in different contexts
    • Access to all products of the perimeter
    • Read, contribute, create, share and admin illimited number of contexts.
    +1K€ / 3 users Give your users read an contribution rights on the contexts which concern them .
    • Access to all products of your perimeter
    • Read and contribute to illimted number of contexts.
    +1K€ / 15 viewers Give your viewers access to a unique context
    • Access to a subset or all products of your perimeter
    • Read one unique context

    Model your customers' internal organization

    20K€ Use Deck as a powerful tool to deploy and animate your key accounts
    • Model your customers' internal organization (distributors and end users) in a flexible multi-level hierarchy
    • Create a context for each customer entity and inject sales stats at each level of the hierarchy
    • Broadcast customer specific guidelines to the teams through the selection guide
    • CRM module: attach observed prices and visit reports in your customer's hierarchy

    Benefit from our expertise

    • Consulting
    • Training
    • Data integration