The platform that takes advantage of your data to share your expertise
Make your product and your range understandable by everybody, and provide your team with relevant data.
  • Make your product vision and range understandable by everybody.
  • Create selection guides to make your partners and customers able to recommend the right product in your range regardless of his level of expertise.
  • Connect your different information systems to give your team an access to your data.
Gather all the data of your market on one platform
  • We maintain for you a complete and updated database of your competitors products.
  • Use powerful analytics tools of your market to improve your benchmarks reliability and product developments.
  • Be alerted about your market updates with monthly newsletters.
Create a collaborative platform for each of your customers and turn your data into commercial leads
  • Agregate all your corporate/field information to make your team collaborate around your own customers expertise
  • Strengthen the relationship with your customers with real collaboration tools.
  • Analyze your data and turn them into ultra qualified leads