Distributor pricing

Your sales plan and your corporate objective taken into account in each micro-decisions of your teams.

Annual prices, to be paid in advance. Annual pricing makes you save 2 months compared to quaterly pricing !

1K€ / 100 products
  • or
  • 20K€ / 5000+ hand
  • or
  • 20K€ / 5000+ foot
  • or
  • 30K€ hand + foot
    +1K€ / 1 Power User Give your power users the ability to organise and explore the data they need in different contexts
    • Access to all products of the perimeter
    • Read, contribute, create, share and admin illimited number of contexts.
    +1K€ / 3 users Give your users read an contribution rights on the contexts which concern them .
    • Access to all products of your perimeter
    • Read and contribute to illimted number of contexts.
    +1K€ / 15 viewers Give your viewers access to a unique context
    • Access to a subset or all products of your perimeter
    • Read one unique context

    Monitor your product data to keep it up to date

    1K€ / 100 products +10K€ Monitor and update your product data with our alerting system
    • Import your own product data into the platform (for your eyes only)
    • Compare your product data with official manufacturer data
    • Update your assets with official files available online: technical sheets, pictures, CE certificates...
    • Export your sales plan products data to other information systems: PIM, ERP, website...

    Keep your product database reliable and up to date

    1K€/100 products +10 K€ Control and update your product data with our change alerting
    • Integration of your available product data
    • Integration of your own product attributes
    • Monitoring of this data by comparing it with data available on manufacturer website
    • Management of any asset available online (datasheet, product sheet, CE certificate...)
    • Sales plan product data export to your IT system (PIM, SAP, Site web)

    Model your customers' internal organization

    20K€ Use Deck as a powerful tool to deploy and animate your key accounts
    • Model your customers' internal organization (distributors and end users) in a flexible multi-level hierarchy
    • Create a context for each customer entity and inject sales stats at each level of the hierarchy
    • Broadcast customer specific guidelines to the teams through the selection guide
    • CRM module: attach observed prices and visit reports in your customer's hierarchy

    Improve your customer service

    +1K€ / 15 users
  • or
  • +10K€ / unlimited licences for one customer
    Materialize your relation with your customers
    • Broadcast catalogs and customized dynamic guides into their organisation.
    • Integrate your logistics information: punchout links, packaging, stock, delays...
    • Provide them with follow-up tools: volumes, expression of needs, field tests, custom offers...

    Answer to call for tenders

    2K€ / tender in consulting mode
  • or
  • 10K€ unlimited self-service
    Answer faster and better to call for tenders
    • Fast and clear tender processing: automatic product identification, product segmentation, alternatives
    • Report and tools for your proposal
    • Build, present and deploy your progress plan

    Benefit from your expertise

    • Consulting
    • Training
    • Data integration
    • Support for tender answering