Your sales plan and objectives are taken into account for each micro-decisions of your team members
Technical recommendations meeting your objectives.
  • Our selection guides are made with a product expertise and take into account your customer technical requirement and your company objectives for fast, effective and profitable recommendations.
  • Your salesmen fastly become confident, spend less time in training, answer directly to the customer and request less frequently your technical experts.
  • Your salesmen are able to understand, explain and find alternatives matching with your company objectives to any of your competitor product.
Create a collaborative platform for each of your customers and turn your data into commercial leads
  • Create plateforms for each of your customers, which gather all data coming from ERP, CRM, tenders. Each saler has clear instructions and knows product strategy of each of his customers.
  • Your team collaborate on this platforms: the key account organize and reach the data with its expertise. They grant access to salers who contribute with feedbacks from the field.
  • Analyze this data to animate your sales force around qualified leads.
Optimize your customer relationship with innovative tools
  • Generate for each of your customers, dedicated dynamics catalogs, with their organizations, workshops or workplaces.
  • Your customers interact with you and give you easily and directly from the platform their uncovered needs or their feedbacks.
  • You easily manage your test campaign and collect feedbacks from designated testers.
Invest in an updated data for your company
  • Import your product data in Deck so that your vision and product attributes are shared with your teams.
  • Be alerted if there is a gap between your product database and the online content of the manufacturer.
  • Use our database to feed your own information system.