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The collaborative platform for PPE professionals*.

*PPE: Personal protective equipments

What can PPE analytics do to help you today?

  Marketing analysis

Preconisation and sales

The right PPE is the one that not only adresses the needs of your customer, but also fits your operational constraints (sales plan, stock, profitability...)
Our search engine integrates some product intelligence and takes into account your business rules in order to assist your sales team while recommending the right PPE.

The augmented sales team:
  • A technical preconisation available to everyone
  • A full awareness and application of your sales plan
  • A clear vision of your catalogs and your customer expertise

Marketing analysis

It's hard to get a clear view in a dynamic market made of so many products.
Our database already contains thousands of products and is continuously growing. It is up-to-date, homogenous, and searchable.
Our tools have been designed to let you fully explore it, from the small details about each product to the global vision of the market thanks to our 2-dimensions segmentation tool.

The augmented marketing team:
  • Comprehensive competitive intelligence in real time
  • A powerful search engine on the whole product database
  • A perfect modeling and broadcast of your product expertise within your organisation


As of today, 80% of the time allocated to answer a tender is spent on Excel in order to identify, propose or substitute the designated products.
PPE analytics allows you to reduce this time to the minimum by automating the step of identification and substitution, directly from Excel. You'll also benefit from PPE exploration tools to improve the qualitative aspects of your offer (product-mix analysis, negociation, progress plan)

The augmented tender:
  • A record time to process the offer
  • A detailed analysis of the product mix
  • Modelised and monitored progress plans


Your organisation receives and produces a huge amount of diverse data. This data is often stored in applications silos, or are left unused on hard drives, typically in Excel files.
As long as they are talking about a product, PPE analytics is able to connect them together in order to fully exploit them.
Technical information, stocks, prices, customer catalogs, volumes... You remain in control as the owner of the data but you finally have a powerful tailor made tool to extract their potential.

The augmented connectivity:
  • A business-memory for your company
  • The generation of highly-qualified commercial leads
  • Wide context insights to feed your decisions and negociations

The project

Based in Paris area, PPE analytics was born in 2017 from the association of Florent, industrial key account manager (Otis, Mapa) and Edouard, IT engineer (Safran, Capitaine Train).

During his 4 years in the world of Personal Protective Equipments, Florent has noticed and endured the lack of digital tools in this very technical B2B market. He started by building his own tools on Excel, and being able to master a part of the information took a great role in his commercial successes.

While thinking of making such tool available to more people, he talks about it to Edouard, a long time friend, used to industrialise data processing in technical fields (aeronautics, transports). The challenge is very motivating, the project is launched, it's the beginning of PPE analytics adventure.

"From that day, we put all our energy, skills and experience to help our customers getting more value out of their databases and their product expertise."
Ppe Logo Bgwhite

The collaborative platform for PPE professionals*.

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